Following is an excerpt of Stephen’s new work “The Dynamics of Gender and Life”.

WHY read this book?

Imagine the scenario: A man on a train is being loud and abusive and as a result those nearby are anxious and fearful as to what he might do. Then one passenger says to the others, "he’s just lost his wife and children and both his parents in a dreadful motor-vehicle accident”. Then the mood changes from one of condemnation, fear and anger, to one of compassion and understanding.

Knowing ‘why’ involves context, and knowing the context, like the man on the train, is vitally important to living with more ease and well-being. It’s important to gaining some peace-of-mind in our troubled world. It’s central to gaining and maintaining optimal ‘mental health’. And it is central to our ability to take action: when we know ‘why’, we know the appropriate ‘how’ with ‘what’, with ‘whom’.

In light of the above, this book provides the ‘why’ of various phenomena, including but not limited to human and animal behaviour, and that of the natural world.

Understanding our own personal ‘why’ is also highly important for the sake resilience, and well-being.

As Friedrich Nietzsche put it,

Those who have a why to live can bear almost any how.

Having a strong why –a strong reason or purpose to live– is one of the main factors in overcoming serious illness, according to research by Dr Kelly Turner1. Having a strong why pulls us through the rough, difficult phases in our lives, like a rope pulling us out of a swamp.

Table of Contents


  • 1. More details provided in The foresight of women’s intuition (p.88 of the book).