Forthcoming (courses)

Details of upcoming courses by Stephen Pirie, author "Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment" will be provided soon.

The Simple Tools workshop will more deeply investigate and utilise the processes and information provided in the Simple Tools book.simple-tools-fig.6b.png

simple-tools-belief-habit-cycle.jpgIn particular, emphasis on how and why we make decisions will be central to the workshop. The belief-habit cycle will be investigated (see fig left), and framed within the possibility-to-actuality dynamic central to life, as shown in Fig 6 (from the Simple Tools book).

This is an advanced workshop, suitable to those who appreciate the underlying paradoxical nature of life.

As Diarmuid O'Murchu eloquently explains in his "Adult Faith: Growing in Wisdom and Understanding",

First comes paradox! ... A paradox does not make sense to our rational minds. A paradox captivates a surplus of meaning that cannot be contained with the structure of rational discourse. For an adult spirituality of our time this is a crucial issue. Adults today are rarely satisfied with compelling rational explanations; there is a "surplus of meaning" that transcends rationality, yet to mature adults it feels essential in our search for deeper meaning. The ability to embrace paradox is central to this sense of maturity.

The Simple Tools workshop will suit those who wish to explore beyond static belief-systems (...ologies) to gain benefit from adaptive, creative processes of life that engender wellbeing, ease, discovery, intuitive insights, solutions, pathways.