"The Dynamics of Gender and Life"

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The recently published1book "The Dynamics of Gender and Life: Timeless Principles of Quantum, Fractal and Natural Phenomena, and Human Social Dynamics" is now available for international deliveries, and at the following bookstores (pbk only)

Early reviews:

The Dynamics of Gender and Life. Just consider the title; it is almost grandiose in its scope, yet the book itself does not disappoint. Stephen Pirie has delineated a whole new paradigm for reality within 150 pages. That in itself is a remarkable achievement.

In the first two sections Pirie repeatedly drew aside curtain after curtain to reveal unexpected wonders. This created a feeling of anticipation as well as suspense. I was eager to read the next page, which always led to further discoveries. I had fun.

Then, in section 3, he began "fleshing out" what had been revealed in the preceding sections. This did not reach the same level of expectation as did the first two sections, but it was necessary for fuller comprehension.

All in all, a wonderful piece of work, which I earnestly hope will reach a vast multitude of readers because, in all sincerity, they sure as hell need it.

Frank Juszczyk, PhD
Professor Emeritus of English, Western New Mexico University

I have known Stephen and followed his work for decades. Initially it centered on Quantum Theory and its implications on everyday life. As his understanding evolved, it has come to include other disciplines, e.g. Neuroscience, in a coherent framework elucidating the nature of life and the nature of decision-making process.

The Dynamics of Gender and Life is a thoroughly enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone with inquisitive mind and anyone wishing to expand their understanding of our world.

Uros Dresevic
Software Development Manager

I enjoyed reading Stephen's book and found his perspective refreshing and revealing on how to achieve deeper understanding of the masculine and feminine. His explanations using quantum physics and the butterfly diagrams made compelling reading.

From everyday examples of behaviors to exploring the metaphysical, Stephen clearly defines the part that each polarity plays and elucidates their importance in the whole continuum. This is an important issue as dominance of one over the other leads to an imbalance and disharmony. What the world so deeply needs now is the balance of the feminine and masculine and the recognition of diversity in Unity.

Anna Parker
Celebrant, Facilitator, Naturopath

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The Dynamics of Gender and Life: Table of Contents

The following Table of Contents is from "The Dynamics of Gender and Life" (1st Edition, published 22 November 2019).

Summary (Partial Table of Contents)

WHY read this book?    ix

Why you might not want to read this book    ix

How this book is structured    x

Figure 1: The fundamentals of life    xi

Easy then, not so much now    1

Section 1: Some helpful tools    3

The KISS-Ockham Tool    3


The Belief-Habit Cycle    7

Figure 2: The Belief-Habit Cycle    8

Figure 3: Cue: insult. Response: anger    9

Figure 4: Same cue, different response    10

The Belief-Habit Cycle, in more detail    10

Choosing not to choose is still a choice    11

Figure 5: Choices, choosing, chosen    12

Back to belief-systems...    12

Why we choose what we choose    15

Figure 6: Choice of responses    15

Figure 7: For self, for group    17

The right-hemisphere’s ‘Wego’, the left-hemisphere’s ‘Igo’    18

Why split Ego into ‘Wego’ and ‘Igo’?    21

Figure 8: Wego vs Igo    23

Section 2: Our universe in conversation    24

The SOS Model    24

It’s just us    25

Being limited is good for us. Necessary, in fact    26

Figure 9: To be, or not to be ... naked    27

Figure 10: Inward causation    28

Important consequences of self-organising systems    29

How our brains perceive the SOS    32

Figure 11: Parts and wholes, things and relationships    34

Figure 12: Left-, right- hemisphere perceptions    35

Figure 13: Right-wing focus, left-wing relationships    36

The limitations of left-hemisphere perception    36

Figure 14: The art of forming words    38

The brain as filter and enabler    38

Discover what you don’t know    41

Figure 15: The dual process of left, right-hemispheres    44

Enter the quantum    45

What’s in the gaps?    47

Figure 16: Unlimited to limited, possibilities to actuality    49

Figure 17: Unfolding actuality, enfolding possibility    50

Figure 18: Our refreshing reality    51

Figure 19: Choice, belief, time    52

Figure 20: Barnsley Fern    53

Introduction to the creative process    54

Figure 21: The proCreative cycle    55

Impossible    56

Even so, so what?    58

Time out, recap    59

Opening to possibility    60

Combining the hierarchical (vertical) with the communal (horizontal).    61

Figure 22: Many (possibilities, people). One (individual, result)    62

  • Space    62
  • Time    63

Figure 23: Unfolding actuality, enfolding possibility    64

Fractals, pre-physical waves and nonlocality    64

Why is the ‘feminine’ correlated with the meta-physical?    68

Deeper forms of ego    70

Figure 24: Ego, Transfinite ego, and ...    71

The interplay of conscious and unconscious    72

Figure 25: Possibility, societal limitations, individual choice    75

Is my transfinite ego (‘soul’), masculine or feminine?    76

Sexing the small bits    79

  • Bosons    79
  • Fermions    80

The SOS and all life is a creating process    85

Figure 26: The dynamic process of Nature    86

Section 3: Real-world application of the SOS model    87

We can know the tip, we cannot ever know the base    87

Figure 27: Inexhaustible potential    88

Keys to creativity and wisdom    90

(cont'd) Full Table of Contents

"The Dynamics of Gender and Life" - Index

The following INDEX is from the first edition of "The Dynamics of Gender and Life: Timeless Principles of Quantum, Fractal and Natural Phenomena, and Human Social Dynamics" ISBN 978-0-9578537-6-8


Adam and Eve ... 136

Albert Einstein

curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance brought ideas ... 122

Analytical skill

requires 'pulling apart' ... 118


as test of belief-system ... 5

Arthur Schopenhauer

3 stages of truth ... 123

As a jigsaw puzzle

style of book ... 3


example of boson-togetherness ... 99


as extreme masculinity ... 110

historical development ... 137

Belief perseverance

Dr Semmelweis, victim of ... 5

Galileo, victim of ... 5

more noticeable in older folk ... 6


guides choices, emotions, behaviours ... 12

Bell’s Theorem ... 65

Bolte-Taylor, Jill

left-hemisphere brain chatter ... 41

Nirvana, experience of ... 42

right-hemisphere like a parallel processor ... 33

Bose-Einstein Condensate ... 105

as source of intuition, peak states, flow ... 105


as attractive energy ... 83

as unity, togetherness, yin, feminine ... xii

tendency to blend, bind and bunch ... 80

Buddhist belief

in detachment: destroys the path to realization ... 93

on mistreating animals ... 10

Camille Paglia

living in grass huts ... 124


central process of life ... 53

collapse of the wave-function ... 53

Cognitive dissonance

as phase 2 of Schopenhauer's 3 step process ... 123

Conscious mind

directs the unconscious ... 76

Creative process

key elements of ... 105

Desire, as initiator

Belief-Habit cycle reward ... 9

Double-slit experiment ... 48

Downward causation

as 'inward causation' ... 28

Dysfunctional cultures

need dysfunctional citizens ... 132

EGO (see also IGO, and WEGO?)

enhanced by yoga, meditation ... 95

Egyptian culture

as fusion of masculine and feminine ... 139


loss of, become rational fools ... 40

EQ - Emotional Intelligence ... 33

Eugene Wigner

consciousness, ultimate reality ... 58


main trigger for results ... 68


gravitate toward aesthetic creativity ... 121


correlated with meta-physical ... 68

Feminine mystique

but never 'masculine mystique' ... 146


as individuality, diversity, yang, masculine ... xii

tendency to be firm, fixed and stoic ... 80

Flow, and peak states ... 104

Four fundamentals to life

possible, actual, separate, united ... 81


distribution of (galactic) ... 66

giving form to sea shells, lightning, snow flakes, crystals, ferns ... 66

interface infinite with finite ... 81

interface possible with actual ... 66

one of the most beautiful and remarkable discoveries ... 121

Gender fluidity

as a boson-natured perspective ... 147

Groucho Marx

not wanting to belong to groups ... 111

Hanna Rachel Bell ... 144


"I'll either find a way, or make one" ... 18

Health and wellbeing

major determinants of ... 59

Helena Cronin

sameness is not equality ... 115

variance greater among males ... 115

Herbert Benson ... 103


from an SOS perspective ... 127

(TOA) ... 151

Higher-consciousness? ... 23

Higher-self, God

learn as we learn ... 134


from an SOS perspective ... 127

(TOA) ... 151

Human reproductive physiology

echoes the SOS model ... 55


Following is an excerpt of Stephen’s new work “The Dynamics of Gender and Life”.

WHY read this book?

Imagine the scenario: A man on a train is being loud and abusive and as a result those nearby are anxious and fearful as to what he might do. Then one passenger says to the others, "he’s just lost his wife and children and both his parents in a dreadful motor-vehicle accident”. Then the mood changes from one of condemnation, fear and anger, to one of compassion and understanding.

Knowing ‘why’ involves context, and knowing the context, like the man on the train, is vitally important to living with more ease and well-being. It’s important to gaining some peace-of-mind in our troubled world. It’s central to gaining and maintaining optimal ‘mental health’. And it is central to our ability to take action: when we know ‘why’, we know the appropriate ‘how’ with ‘what’, with ‘whom’.

In light of the above, this book provides the ‘why’ of various phenomena, including but not limited to human and animal behaviour, and that of the natural world.

Understanding our own personal ‘why’ –as to why we should get out of bed of a morning, and more generally our purpose is life– is also highly important for the sake resilience, and well-being.